A ‘good’ photoshop


A rare example of a good artistic Photoshop post production:

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A mermaid

Photographer Tim Wakler

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Czech photographer Taras Kuščynskyj (1932 – 1986)

His view is very close to mine…


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Chinese On The Train

The photo story from Chinese train.

Photograph Wang Fuchun


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A beautiful photo story about Norilsk, Russia – the world’s northernmost city with more than 100,000 inhabitants and the world’s second largest city inside the Arctic Circle. Author: Elena Chernyshova.

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Shooting lions as close as you can

To shoot wildlife really close (like near the pride of lions, resting in a shade), photographer Chris McLennan and engineer Carl Hansen put the DSLR camera on a small remote controlled buggy. And this is what came out of it:

Camera buggy and lions

Aging faces

We don’t see how the face is aging. Because the process is too slow. The only way to see it is to put together two portraits from different times.
Photography courses - face aging





Splinter in your memory

Photograph Michael Wolf works at the join of photography and contemporary art.
You will never forget these photos. They will stay in your memory like a splinter, like an unsolved mystery.

Photography courses and workshops- Michael Wolf Photography courses - Michael Wolf Photography courses - Michael Wolf

A creative approach to advertising photography

Photography courses and workshops - Joseph Ford

Photographer Joseph Ford has a very creative approach to advertising photography.

He is visualizing his unexpected associations. He is achieving what advertising is about: we remember the photos.

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Indian Circus

Circuses in India.

You can see a story inside every photo. Accurate sketches of psychological state and at the same time detailed photography report.
Photograph: Marry Ellen Mark

Photography courses and workshops : Indian circus

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How a single photo helped to change the life of Bibi

Photography courses and workshops - Bibi Aisha
The photo of Afghan women Bibi Aisha, whose husband cut off the nose and ears, blew the world’s media in 2010. Four years she lived as a slave, she was constantly beaten by ten brothers and father in law. After a failed escape husband disfigured Bibi. She miraculously survived and managed to escaped to US military hospital.

The photo made ​​by South African photographer Jodi Bieber has won first place in the global World Press Photo.

In 2013, after having a reconstructive surgery, she has a new face.

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Are we created equal?

“All men are created equal,” says the American Constitution.
Catholic nuns/Prostitutes, 2002/2002
Photography courses and workshops - Mark Laita - Catholic nuns/Prostitutes

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How a naked female scientist tries to tame belugas in the freezing Arctic


Braving sub-zero temperatures, she has thrown caution — and her clothes — to the wind to tame two beluga whales in a unique and controversial experiment.
Natalia Avseenko, 36, was persuaded to strip naked as marine experts believe belugas do not like to be touched by artificial materials such as diving suits.
The skilled Russian diver took the plunge as the water temperature hit minus 1.5 degrees Centigrade.

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Mosaic Polaroid Portraits (Maurizio Galimberti)

Maurizio Galimberti
Photography courses and workshops - Maurizio Galimberti

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John Bulmer

John Bulmer.
John Bulmer Photographer and Film Director.
Photography courses

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Doll – Photographer

Photography courses and workshops - doll photographer (2)

American Girl in Italy

Photography courses and workshops

At 83, subject of ‘American Girl in Italy’ photo speaks out

You know the photo. You’ve seen it a hundred times. A beautiful, statuesque young woman is walking down a street in Florence, Italy. She’s clutching her shawl, and she seems to be moving swiftly. More than a dozen men are staring at her longingly. One of them is grabbing his crotch.

The iconic 1951 image “American Girl in Italy” turns 60 on Monday. As its anniversary approaches, the stunning woman in the photo — Ninalee Craig, now 83 — is speaking up about it. She wants to explain what the photo represents, and what it doesn’t.

“Some people want to use it as a symbol of harassment of women, but that’s what we’ve been fighting all these years,” Craig said in a telephone interview from her home in Toronto. “It’s not a symbol of harassment. It’s a symbol of a woman having an absolutely wonderful time!”

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Steven Klein

Photography courses and workshops - Steven Klein - DOMESTIC BLISS, Steven Klein (1)
Domestic Bliss

The world’s two hottest stars discuss love, marriage, and playing house in Palm Springs. Brad Pitt collaborates with photographer Steven Klein to create this portfolio of images, while starring in it alongside his Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar and purported new love, Angelina Jolie.

Серия фотографий 2005 года под названием ‘Domestic Bliss’ являет собой сотрудничество модного фотографа Стивена Кляйна и известного голливудского актера Брэда Питта.
Вдохновением для фотосессии послужила так называемая ‘темная сторона’ повседневной семейной жизни, эдакий ‘необъяснимый недуг’ который преследует на вид счастливую пару. Действие вымышленной истории разворачивается в 1963 году (год рождения актера), во времена, когда последние следы ‘идеально чистых’ пятидесятых уступали место чему-то более сложному и неоднозначному, красивый фасад все еще оставался, но кое-какие ценности уже начинали подгнивать изнутри. К слову, изобразить на фотографиях вышеупомянутый ‘domestic bliss’ Питту помогла его партнерша по снимавшемуся тогда же фильму ‘Мистер и Миссис Смит’ Анджелина Джоли, с которой в дальнейшем по иронии ли судьбы его и свяжут те самые ‘семейные узы’.

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Photographer Christophe Jacrot
Picrures of bad weather.
“In my opinion, there are two ways of capturing the world for a photographer; on the one hand grasping its horror, and on the other sublimating it. I have chosen the second. More specifically, I like the way rain, snow and “bad weather” awaken a feeling of romantic fiction within me, mainly in the big cities.”
photography courses and workshops - CHRISTOPHE JACROT

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The city ​​of Brides

Young photographer Alena Zhandarova. “The city ​​of brides.”

Photography courses and workshops

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The Kiss of Life – Rocco Morabito 1968

Photography courses and workshops - he-Kiss-of-Life-Rocco-Morabito-1968

Apprentice lineman J.D. Thompson is breathing life into the mouth of another apprentice lineman, Randall G. Champion, who hangs unconscious after receiving a jolt of high voltage electricity. Photographer Rocco Morabito was driving in Jacksonville on West 26th Street in July 1967 on another assignment when he documented the event.

1968 Pulitzer Prize Award

USA gun control

Firearm courses for teachers in USAteachers_guns_01

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Photo editor “Deja vu”

By Artem Chernov. Full article(in Russian)
There are shots that begin to pursue a photo editor at a certain point. You receive them from friends or fellow journalists, or even from less experienced photojournalist colleagues. “Look, cool, huh?” – they say. But they do not understand your total silence in response. Often, you see those shots in the headings like “Day in Photos” or “Photo of the day”, and even in our own headings. They get there, because there will always be people who will see these pictures for the first time. Actually, these people – the vast majority. And for them it would be cool, or interesting, or funny. For them it will be totally new.
Nevertheless, I’m talking about the shots, who have a number of twin sisters. Sometimes dozens of twins. Sometimes hundreds.

Photography courses and workshops -  new year jump in Tibr

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Wang Fuchun “Chinese People on the Train”

Photography courses and workshops - Wang Fuchun

Photographer Wang Fuchun:
Wang Fuchun was born in 1943 and graduated from Harbin Normal University as a photography major. He is now a member of the World Chinese Photographers Association and the China Photographers Association, and he is vice-president of Harbin Photographers Association. He has produced many thematic works such as “Chinese People on the Train”, “Black Land” and “Manchurian Tiger”. He won the award of “outstanding Chinese photographer” at the Pingyao International Photography Festival in 2004.
“Chinese People on the Train”

Фотосерия “Китайцы в поезде”
Китайский фотограф-фрилансер Ван Фучунь исколесил всю Поднебесную в поисках интересных персонажей. Его серия 2000 года “Китайцы в поезде” немного приоткрывает занавес над этой загадочной страной с древней культурой. Серия представляет собой отличную иллюстрацию жизни, ментальности, культуры великого соседа. В его черно-белых снимках в лейковском стиле все многообразие Китая. Бедные и очень бедные, буддисты и мусульмане, дети и старики. Здесь в обычном вагоне люди живут, это коммуналка, которую сократили до пространства вагона, и где каждый приспосабливается как может. Фото-зарисовки Ван Фучуня настолько живы увлекательны, что не требуют никаких дополнительных пояснений. Присоединяйтесь к путешествию по великой китайской железной дороге…

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