Photography Workshop “Colors of spring”

Photography workshop “Colors of spring”, Saturday, 26 May, 16:00-18:00

This workshop is for beginner photographers.

We will address the following:
– composition
– using of reflectors
– using flash with daylight

Date: Saturday, May 26, 2012
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Place: Montreal, park Angrignon.
– DSLR camera
– enough skills to shoot in Manual mode
– external flash unit is not mandatory, but would be nice
Model:Pictures of the model will be released next week to those who register.
Price$70, pay on the spot.
Registration: Send me email at

Workshop pictures

“I can fly” workshop report.

Some pictures from the last photography workshop “I can fly”. The most difficult part was to imitate flying on a carpet.

Malcom pictures:

Photography courses and workshops - Magic Carpet Photography courses and workshops - flying Photography courses and workshops - backflip

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Photography workshop “I can fly”. Saturday, March 3, 2012. 12:00-16:00

Photography courses and workshops - photoshop flyingThe workshop is devoted to the study of gravitation.
How to make people fly?
What are the necessary technical, visual and psychological conditions?
I did a research in this field and ready to share the results with you.
Our models fly! And we are going to capture this during the workshop!

Date: Saturday, March 3
Time: 12:00-16:00
Location: 4035 St-Ambroise #403, Montreal, H4C2E1
Price: $80
Booking: Book online here: book now
What to bring: camera, tripod, computer with installed Adobe Photoshop.
1) Introduction.
Review of the examples. Explanation and discussion of the technical side of the shooting.
Common mistakes and how to avoid them. How to get a natural looking picture.
The idea and the realization.
2) Shooting.
Practice. Scene preparation. Shooting.
3) Small break.
4) Downloading pictures to the computers. Picture selection. Photoshop part. Step by step assembly of levitation picture.

Please, book in advance, the number of places is limited.

Workshop pictures

Two models photography workshop report

Photography courses and workshops - John (7)

Fashion Photography Workshop report

Photography courses and workshops - Masha

Next workshop: “Two models. Interaction.” January 15th, 12:00-15:00

This workshop is devoted to one of the most difficult issue in fashion editorial shooting – working with two models.
This is all the details for the upcoming Editorial Fashion photography workshop.
Theme: Pictorial. Planning and realization. From the idea to the layout.
Composition: two models in the frame.
Meeting place: Palace des Congres (entrance corner rue Saint Antoine Ouest and rue du Bleury). Cafe Van Houte.
Day: Sunday, January 15th
Time: 12:00-15:00
Models: Male and Female
Description: We will be shooting two models. The main goal is to imagine and create a pictorial (a fiction style photo story).
For example: a meeting after a long separation, or declaration of love, or declaration of end of love, or just a walk in a magic forest.
I suggest the participants imagine a story in advance, find out the name of the story, and create a sketch of the future photos, marking vertical and horizontal frames. Keep in mind that vertical frames go in pairs. See the previous workshop.
The pictorial is supposed to contain approximately 5 magazine spreads.
For example:

– 1 spread: Introduction. The beginning of the story where the characters and the setting is revealed. 2 vertical or 1 horizontal portraits
– 2 spread : Rising Action. This is where the events in the story become complicated and the conflict in the story is revealed. For example, the conversation. ( 2 vertical )
– 3 spread: Climax. This is the highest point of interest and the turning point of the story. ( 1 horizontal )
– 4 spread: Falling action – The events and complications begin to resolve themselves. ( 2 vertical )
– 5 spread: Denouement. This is the final outcome or untangling of events in the story ( 1 horizontal )

– 12:00 meeting in the cafe Van Horn. Review of your sketches.
– 12:30 quick location scouting, finding the shooting points without the models. I would suggest that we divide in pairs to assist each other with the reflectors or external flashes.
– 13:00 Models arrive. The beginning of shootings.
– 14:30 the end of the shooting. Meeting in the cafe. If you have a laptop, you can bring it with you, download the photos, and we will do a quick review and picture selection.
The final pictorial you will create at home and send me for the review.

What to bring: camera, external flash, reflectors, the sketch and the name of your pictorial

Price: $60. You pay on the spot.

Please, register in advanced, the number of places is limited.

To register, send me an email at

Next workshop: “Editorial fashion photography”. Sunday, December 11, 12:00-15:00

We are going to imitate a real shooting for a magazine, like in previous workshop, but indoor.
As usual, I am providing the model and the dresses.
price is $60.
Location: 4035 SAINT-AMBROISE. Old industrial building with huge windows.
Model: professional actress, now she is working with Cirque du Soleil, photogenic, charming smile. I worked with her before.
Description: We will be focusing on portrait photography and all the aspects that are encompassed by it. I’ll talk about lighting, posing, subject interaction, working with models, and more. Towards the end we’ll discuss post processing and working with the images on your computer. We will be working with back-light, reflectors and external flashes.
What to bring : camera, lenses, flashes. A computer would be nice, but not mandatory.

I hope that everybody will get the images, which might be included in the portfolio.

Please, register in advanced, the number of places is limited.
To register, send me an email at

Editorial fashion workshop report

Photography courses and workshops - Editorial workshop Emma (13)

Workshop “Editorial fashion photography”. Saturday, November 5th, 2011. 14:00-16:30

We are inviting you to join our next workshop `Editorial fashion`.
We are going to imitate a real shooting for a magazine. I am providing one model and several dresses. The main goal is to have a fashion pictorial for each participant.
If the weather is good we will do the shooting outside. I will specify the exact place later (most probably it will be in the park of St.Helen’s island). If the weather conditions are not good, we will do the shooting in the bug studio.
The price is $60.
Please, register in advanced, the number of places is limited.

Wedding photography workshop. Reports.

Photography workshops - Marlene wedding photography (13)

Wedding photography workshop: October 15th

Photography workshops - The Wedding of Prince William with Catherine Middleton - Westminster Abbey
Finally, by popular demand, the wedding photography workshops are on the way.
Two models, bride and groom, wedding dresses. We are going to be as close to the real ceremony as possible!

The first is scheduled on Saturday, October 15th, 15:00-18:00.

“Shooting the wedding couple outside”

The price is $70 in total, models fee included.
The number of places is limited to 6 people only!


  • 1.5 hours shooting outside. The couple is walking from the Palais de Justice to Old Port.
  • 1.5 hours in the studio – picture selection and layout.

We will address the following issues:

  • What is wedding photography: how to merge portrait and reportage.
  • Some tricks to make the customer happy.
  • Building the composition with 2 persons in the frame.
  • Best practices overview.
  • Common stereotypes and how to avoid them.
  • Lighting – flashes and reflectors.
  • Working with an assistant. Why you need an assistant.
  • Wedding photography as a picture story
  • Layout and picture review
  • Wedding portfolio

In case of bad weather conditions workshop will be moved to Sunday, October 16th.

Announcement: The next workshop will cover wedding ceremony and the banquet (shooting in tough lighting conditions).

Workshop pictures

Photostory photography workshop “The Letter”

Photography workshops - Photostory

The workshop was devoted to explain the concept of photography story.
We learned how to link your images together in order to create a timeline of events.

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Photography workshop ‘Fly over water’

This workshop was an extreme one. Everybody was wet and exited. Fortunately nobody damaged the camera with the water.

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Photography Workshop “I can fly”

Photography courses and workshops - I can fly

Workshop “I can fly”

In this workshop we tried to imitate a flight in the frame.
It turned out to be quite hard to jump so many times.

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