Surrogacy in Canada

If your are a Canadian, but your child was born in India by a surrogate mother using sperm and egg from anonymous donors, is your child is a Canadian?

According to the law, NO! The child must be genetically related to at least one parent to be considered Canadian.

Two cases in British Columbia are challenging this law now in court.

Surrogacy is very emotional topic. This is the land where our moral is not adequate any more.

In 2012 I spent 3 weeks in surrogate clinic in India.
Here is my story with portraits and interviews with Indian’s surrogate mothers:
“The hidden face of surrogacy”

Rihana is a second time surrogate mother. First time she gave birth to twins whose parents were from Calcutta. She breast-fed them for about a week in the presence of the parents. She is still in touch with them and sometimes when they call she can hear children's voices in the background. Rihana is able to see their photos at Doctor Patel's office and imagines they might come to visit her someday. With the money earned she bought a house for her family. Rihana has two children: girl is 16 and boy is 17. They know what she is doing but are not allowed to visit her at the clinic. Her family is Muslim. Rihana is now one month pregnant and the parents, as far as she knows, are from London. This time she is earning for her daughter's marriage and her son's education. It was her neighbor who had told her about surrogacy, and it didn't take Rihana long to make up her mind.

  • Posted by Polina Fedorova
  • On January 8, 2015