Photography workshop “A girl and the snake”

A girl and the snake

Thanks to all the participants of this photography workshop.

We had two real snakes in the studio. The model posed as Eve in Garden of Heaven.
The main inspiration for this photography workshop is a famous Albrecht Durer’s work Adam and Eve and the myth about Medusa Gorgon

Our model, the beautiful Phylactere.
Thank you!

girl and a snake
snake11111snake111111 IMG_6853.2


IMG_7694 copy IMG_7120.1

Tim Gervais:


Marc M:


Gino Matta:

IMG_5061IMG_5080B&W of IMG_5061B&W of IMG_5080IMG_5299B&W of IMG_5275IMG_5281

George Liberman:


Bonnys Lebrun:

girl_with_snake_10-12 girl_with_snake_10-11girl_with_snake_10-10 girl_with_snake_10-9 girl_with_snake_10-13girl_with_snake_10-8girl_with_snake_10-7girl_with_snake_10-6girl_with_snake_10-5girl_with_snake_10-4girl_with_snake_10-3girl_with_snake_10-2girl_with_snake_10-1

Vikram Mehta: