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Photography Workshops in Montreal

Upcoming workshop:

Flour Dance Photography Workshop
February 12, 2017
You will be capturing movement and facial expressions at high speed. There is a wonderful unpredictable quality of white unbleached flour; when frozen in mid air, it extends many movements and creates visually arresting images when properly executed.
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We offer photography workshops on a regular basis in Montreal. We announce the upcoming workshop 2-3 weeks in advance.
To avoid overcrowding around the model we try to have small groups of student, maximum 5.


Polina Fedorova is a professional photographer, producer, and former photo editor of life style magazine. Polina Fedorova – Portfolio

Every photography workshop is addressing a particular problem.
Usually it’s a general topics like studio lighting, portraits, wedding, fashion, boudoir, pictorials, photoshop, etc. Sometimes it’s a special photography trick.

If it’s needed we provide a model for the workshop. You keep all the copyrights and you can use your pictures to improve your portfolio.

The price varies, but the range is $40-$100 for 3 hours workshop.

Please, book in advance, the number of places is limited.

Recent workshops

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Some reports from the latest workshops:

Requirements for the students:
You must have the basic skills necessary to deal with your DSLR camera in Manual mode. External flash and reflector would be nice but not mandatory.

Latest workshop reports

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