Online photography courses, classes and workshops

All our courses are now online as private one-on-one lessons using the Zoom platform. 

If you are unsure that online study suits you, we offer a FREE 15-min video chat with the teacher Polina Fedorova. She will explain how it works and answer all your questions.


  • If you are a beginner, it will take 3-4 lessons to cover the course for beginners.
  • If you are not a beginner we will customize the lessons to focus on your particular needs and interests in photography or post-production.

Please email [email protected] to schedule your lessons

The rate is $60/hour + tax.

As we are all adapting to the situation, many businesses are relying on the images and videos for sales and promotion. 

The right presentation of your products is crucial. We are here to help you through the steps needed to ensure that even your very first presentation is of the highest quality. Whether you are using a camera or telephone,  simple tips on focus, white balance, and camera setting will definitely upgrade your work. Depending on your environment and set up, we will advise you on the best possible lighting, and how to improvise a perfect home studio with natural or artificial light. We can look at your place and give you advice on where would be an ideal spot, what the optimal camera settings would be, and how to correct your lighting if you are using a phone. Sometimes a few simple retouches can make an enormous difference.

If you should need help at any stage of the product shoot – we are available.  We offer basic photoshop lessons, and we can teach you how to use your software to do simple photo editing. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Let’s start working on your goals today. The world will never be the same!

For business:

  • How to set up your camera and your light for both video and photo shootings.
  • We can help to install a small photo/video studio at your location via video chat.

Why us?

  • What set us apart from other schools is that we are working professionals with portfolio that fully illustrate a mastery of a wide variety of techniques
  • The course designed by Polina is both concise and easy to understand
  • We believe that theory can only make sense when it’s married to hands on experience
  • Our goal is to get our students out of class and producing quality photos as quickly as possible
  • Our reputation and client base has expanded for years because of word of mouth, and the high level of interaction between students and teachers
  • Because we offer both group and private lessons, we are able to tailor a curriculum to the student’s personal timetable and needs.

Who we are:

Polina Fedorova is a founder of the school. She worked as photo editor for several widely distributed Russian magazines. 
She is a professional photographer. She also worked for VOGUE and ELLE as a contract producer.
Polina has been teaching photography in Montreal since 2006.

Since 2017 the school operates in Toronto.

For beginners:

If you are a beginner, just bought a DSLR camera, or shoot mainly in AUTO mode, the photography course for beginners would be the best starting point in your digital photography study.
During the lessons you start practicing with the camera as soon as you learned a new topic. We offer 1-day or 3-day  photography course for beginners.
Modern digital single-lens cameras (DSLR) are affordable today, but the majority of owners are lacking the basic entry level skills. The main challenging task is to stop shooting in AUTO mode, and start using the full potential of your camera in MANUAL mode.

It is amazing how many options you will have as soon as you understand the main three things : shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. This is a must for a beginner, whether you want to become a pro, or just shoot for fun.
Other good news, is that there is no need to understand all the technical details, just an idea how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO change the picture. But, on the other hand, it is extremely important to feel their mutual relationships and side effects. This is not so difficult as it sounds. As a photography teacher, I can say, that this is not more complicated than driving skill.

At the end of the course, students learn how to take photographs like a professional and how to get the most out of their cameras.

For intermediate:

If you already have a certain level of proficiency with a camera in Manual mode, you can go directly to Intermediate course and fully explore more subtle aspects of technique. We will provide many exercises and situations that will broaden your knowledge and scope.

For photographers:

Our regular photography workshops will give you a chance to polish your skills working under the supervision of a professional photo editor. You keep all the copyrights on your pictures and you can use them in your portfolio. We provide all the studio equipment and models for the shooting.

Private Lessons:

For those who prefer private study, one-on-one lessons with Polina would be the best choice.
Private lessons ensure you are learning only what you specifically need, not revisiting what you already know.
This is more intensive study. Usually we cover all the topics from the course for beginners in 4 hours.
We schedule private lessons individually. Please write at [email protected].

For businesses:

We can train your personnel and set up a custom photography studio for your business.
You can save a lot when you don’t have to pay professional photographers.


The minimum requirements is to have a good enough camera: DSLR camera or a camera with Manual mode. We have no strict age limitation in our classes.

Ongoing experience

Over the years, an intimacy has developed between students ant teachers that has made the photo school an ongoing experience in their lives.
Often old student will return to take advantage of the well organized setting we offer.


  • “I would like to thank you for the quick photography course that you gave me. In only four hours you have succeeded to give me the basic knowledge to take great photos. Even though I don’t speak English very well (in fact almost not at all) you’re explanations were simple and crystal clear. I’m very thrilled to know that, some day, I will learn from you again, Thank you so much Polina. You’re the best!” –  Marc M.
  • “I wanted to tell you that your course is worth every penny and more. You didn’t just cram technical photography jargon down my throat – you took the time to explain how the different settings create different effects. You showed me that photography is really and truly an art. You showed me how to make mundane and ordinary picture opportunities, exciting and creative. Thank you, Polina!” – Jason B.
  • “I took a 2-hour private lesson and it was really great. Easy to understand, funny and very useful. I was taking photos with a film camera when I was a teenager (in 70s-80s), but after it was just taking shots with automatic chip camera or a cell phone. Recently I bought a decent SLR camera from Canon so wanted to lear more. This was a very useful experience it is incomparable what I could do with my camera before and after the lesson, when I learned how you can achieve effects you want by manually changing parameters. Now I will gain experience and come back for an “advanced” course.” Alex Pchejetski.
  • “Finally, somebody who knows how to simplify the understanding of the basic principals of photography, thank you, Polina.” – Bob Olivier

Children photography

Our studio is well equipped for photographing children. We love working with them and have plenty of costumes.
The main challenge is simply to get the kids to relax. Too much seriousness and attention intimidate them.
A good photo session should be fun. A good smile should be natural.


Our website for wedding photography:

Events, corporate events

The basic rate is $80/hour.

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