Photography course for intermediate in Montreal

This 3-days course is addressed to those who already has a certain level of proficiency with a camera in Manual mode.
If you are not comfortable shooting in Manual we recommend to start with our photography course for beginners.


Our course cover some advanced topics, which are extremely important for a new photographer.
Every small theoretical block will be followed up with a few simple exercises which help to understand the topic and avoid the typical common mistakes.
The course consists of three lessons(2 hours each):

  • 1st lesson. Exposure compensation. P mode. Aperture priority mode. Shutter speed priority mode. Panning photography.Creative shooting with long exposure. Theory and practice. Home work.
  • 2nd lesson. Dynamic range. Light meter and camera metering modes. Basics of High Dynamic Range. HDR in landscape photography. Usage of reflectors. Usage of sun diffusers. Using flash. Flash sync speed. Flash in low light. Flash in day light
  • 3rd lesson. Basics of composition. Rule of thirds. Shooing portrait in a day light. Pictorial in modern photography

Alternatively, you can take this course in a form of one-on-one study. In this case we will schedule your lessons individually, the price will be $60 for 1.5 hour session. Usually we cover the course in 2 sessions.

Requirements for students:

Digital SLR Camera or Bridge Camera with fully manual controls. Please bring all your lenses and an external flashes if you have one.
A tripod will be great but not mandatory.

Don’t have your own camera?
There’s no need to worry. You can hire one of ours for $10 per day. Send us an email for more details.


Price: $120
Duration: 6 hours in total.
Maximum 6 students in a group. Gift certificates available. No age restrictions.


5540 Saint-Patrick
Montreal,QC,Canada, H4E1A8