One-day photography course for beginners

6 hours of intensive study and you get all the basics.
We will have a lunch break. We provide tea, coffee, and snacks. You are welcome to bring your lunch box.

Dates and Locations

For those who:

  • wants to buy a camera
  • recently bought a digital camera
  • has a DSLR but shoots only in AUTO
  • had a camera for a while, watched and read some tutorials, but still has a lot of questions and wants to arrange the knowledge
  • wants to upgrade the camera

You will:

  • learn how to operate a modern digital camera fully
  • understand the power locked into your camera in Manual mode
  • learn the fundamentals of digital photography
  • discover some secret professionals tricks
  • get a handbook with notes on everything that the course covers.

Why us?

Our photography course covers all the critical topics, which are essential for a beginner. That’s why during the course you will work both in the dark and day-light environments.  In addition, a set of daytime exercises will be repeated at the end of the course to learn the differences in handling some important things in the darkness.

Every small theoretical block will be followed up with a few simple exercises that help understand the topic and avoid the typical common mistakes.

We based this one-day course on our 3-day course for beginners. The teacher, Polina Fedorova is a professional photographer, producer, and former photo editor of lifestyle magazines. Polina has been providing photography workshops and courses in Montreal and Toronto since 2006.


Digital SLR Camera or Bridge Camera with fully manual controls. Please bring all your lenses and external flashes if you have one.
A tripod will be fine but not mandatory.

Don’t have your DSLR camera?

If you don’t have your Digital SLR camera, then there’s no need to worry. You can hire one of ours for $10 per day. Please, send us an email for more details.

Course tutorials:

The detailed list of covered topics:

  • Camera’s menus and settings
  • Essential functions and engineering of camera body and lens
  • How to control your exposures by using the camera in fully manual mode
  • Shutter speed and shutter priority
  • How to capture sport and actions
  • Aperture and depth of field, f-stops
  • How to control and exploit the depth of field
  • Aperture priority
  • Iso / shutter speed / digital noise
  • Focus, focus modes, how to navigate around the focus points
  • Manual Focus
  • How to choose your lens, main groups of lenses
  • Long exposure
  • Light painting
  • Why use a tripod


Price: $200.
Duration: 6 hours in total. Maximum 9 students in a group.
Gift certificates available. No age restrictions.

Please, book in advance. The number of places is limited.