We help a group of volunteers rebuilding a remote village Tipling in Nepal after 2015 earthquake.

The place is 2-day climb along high mountain passes. 2100 people, 500 houses.
All the houses are destroyed. Not much help from the government of Nepal. A group of people I know started this project to help people to rebuild the village water supply and the primary school.
In October my friend Roman Gruzov from Russia rebuilt water supply to the village.
The next target is to supply warm water and shower cabins. 
Another my friend, who runs plumbing business in St.Petersburg, helped to design a 
solar self heating shower cabin. They have already built a prototype, which is much cheaper that industrial models. At the same time it’s very simple, so that locals are able to fix it (plus it should hold earthquakes).
The village needs around 5 cabins. 
The budget for one shower cabin is $3000 USD (including all the materials and transportation).
Now we are raising money for at least 1 cabin. 
If you have any ideas on how you can help or how to promote fundraising in Toronto, let me know!
If you want to donate, I accept ANY AMOUNT to my personal PayPal
(put “Tipling Donation” in the message): [email protected]