Private photography lessons

Private photography lessons in Montreal

If you prefer to study photography one-on-one, this option is for you.
Private lessons ensure you are learning only what you specifically need, not revisiting what you already know.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, do not hesitate to contact me. We will discuss your particular needs, reserve the necessary equipment, and schedule your study.

Why individual study matters

Often, you are interested in a specific area of photography and you want to entirely focus on it. For example you shoot real estate and want to improve the quality of your pictures, or you just need to know some photography tricks for, let’s say, jewelry shooting.

Private training or individual lessons are the best way of getting started, troubleshooting and for getting help with special projects. There’s nothing like having someone sitting right next to you showing, telling, pointing and answering any questions you have right in the moment.
Typical appointment is 1.5 hours long and, in most cases, several sessions are needed.

If you want to practice in a studio, review your portfolio, or just polish your skills with a former photo editor, I will be glad to assist you.

Pricing and booking

The rate is $70 for 1.5 hour session.
Send us an email and we will schedule your first lesson:

Or just book a class online below

Summer 2017

During the summer months (June, July, August) the beginners private classes are held by Varvara 
Kameneva and have they own schedule. The Photo School has its summer vacation during the month of September (no classes will be 
held during that time.
Payment is in advance. Attention! If you would like to cancel your private lesson, you 
would have to do it a week in advance to be fully refunded. If you cancel within the week of the 
class – the lesson is nonrefundable.
For more information please call Varvara at (514)294-1921 or email her at