Photography Courses in Montreal Reviews


  • Strongly recommended to beginners and intermediate photographers alike.
    A wonderful learning experience and an excellent instructor.
    Polina’s lessons will quickly help beginners grasp all the basic yet necessary concepts, guide them towards mastering their camera and start really enjoying photography. Intermediate and advanced photographers are offered diverse workshops to improve/refresh their skills. Thumbs up!

  • Bob Olivier

    Finally, somebody who knows how to simplify the understanding of the basic principals of photography, thank you, Polina.

  • Alexey Pchejetski

    I took a 2-hour private lesson and it was really great. Easy to understand, funny and very useful. I was taking photos with a film camera when I was a teenager (in 70s-80s), but after it was just taking shots with automatic chip camera or a cell phone. Recently I bought a decent SLR camera from Canon so wanted to lear more. This was a very useful experience it is incomparable what I could do with my camera before and after the lesson, when I learned how you can achieve effects you want by manually changing parameters. Now I will gain experience and come back for an “advanced” course.

  • MarcMorin


    I would like to thank you for the quick photography course that you gave me. In only four hours you have succeed to give me the basic knowledge to do great photo.Even though I don’t speak english very well(in fact almost not at all) you’re explanations were simple and crystal clear. I’m very thrilled to know that,some day, I will learn from you again,Thank you so much Polina. You’re the best!

  • JasonB

    I wanted to tell you that your course is worth every penny and more.

    You didn’t just cram technical photography jargon down my throat – you took the time to explain how the different settings create different effects. You showed me that photography is really and truly an art. You showed me how to make mundane and ordinary picture opportunities, exciting and creative.

    Thank you, Polina!

  • DominiqueFortin

    I really liked the workshop, It really helped me understanding the basics of photography. In all honesty, I think you could even charge more for that kind of course, i.e. something in the range of $250.00.

  • Amon

    Photography can be a truly rewarding experience – one that not only beats boredom blues but also adds a spark to life by opening up our creative side.
    In Polina’s classes and workshop, I’ve discovered how photography has an influence on the way we look at things.
    You could be someone who wants to be a pro in the future or simply wants to whet their creative appetite. The workshop was pretty cool, Polina is a great teacher, extremely patient, friendly and knowledgable.
    Our time was spent discussing the photos, what worked, what and why it didn’t work. What we should have done to improve the shot. Tips on aperture, shutter speed, depth of field and lighting.
    She is very helpful and generous about her time.
    Thank you again

  • Chantal

    Polina is an excellent teacher. I took the beginner course, and she did a great job of breaking down the main concepts, balancing theory with lots of examples and practice so we could fully understand. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to use a DSLR to its full potential. I’m looking forward to practicing my new skills!

  • Mari

    I enjoyed Polina’s class very much and it gave me a big desire to learn the photography more.
    I find her teaching method is very interesting and efficient. Within the limited time, we could learn how to shoot in the day light and in the dark. I also learn some interesting tricks and it really impressed my friend who has been taking photos for a long time. Her sense of humour was also a part of the joy in the class.
    I am now looking forward to taking her workshops.

  • Tessie.K

    I really enjoyed the Beginner course with Polina!
    I found the course very interesting and i learn so much in such a short time.
    The teacher is very good , always willing to help and make it easy to understand the concepts.
    After that i took a Workshop( with a model) wich i found a great experience!
    I deffenatly gona go to more workshops in the future

  • PaulMalette


    Your course for beginners is a sound investment in the development of photography skills. Cameras have become so technical that mastering their use without the coaching of a seasoned expert is a daunting challenge. At an affordable cost, you offer advice and guidance that provides students with the basic knowledge upon which they can build. Books and Websites are fine but they are no match for hands-on training with someone who can answer questions directly, and physically show you what to do.

  • Candie Sicoli

    Taking photography classes with Polina is a wonderful experience. I have learned to master my camera while my photos keep improving with every single shot of my grandkids and beautiful landscaping. The classes are very interesting and I always look forward to attending each one with anticipation of learning more about photography. Polina`s techniques and professional approach is made me understand photography at a different level in such a short time. Thank you Polina for your patience.

  • patriciaguay


    I have been taking private and semi-private classes with Polina for a month now. I’ve had my SLR camera for more than 5 years and never knew how to use it. It was very frustrating to take pictures and not get the results I wanted.
    Polina has showed me so much. I can now take all my pictures in manual mode with great results. I am able to get what I want out of a picture. She give very good explanations and her classes are very interesting. It’s great to be able to get the most out of my camera. I would not hesitate to recommend Polina to anyone wanting to learn more about photography.

  • SarahWood


    This is a great class for beginners. You learn all the basic tools and techniques that you need to start experimenting with your camera and producing nice photographs. The teacher is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning what manual mode has to offer!

  • Arman


    Polina is a great photographer and a teacher. I was an absolute beginner when I started taking classes with her. Naturally I still have a long way ahead of me until I take really professional pictures, but I do not consider myself as a beginner any more. First of all, the groups are very small. This is a significant factor because there is a lot of time for you to ask any question that you may have, and get an immediate response on the photos that you take in the class. Moreover, Polina uses the time perfectly in the session; there is not a single minute wasted. The class is a very nice blend of theoretical information and practical exercises. I found it very useful that she gives homework and at the beginning of the next session gives you feedback. Overall, a novice photographer simply can not ask for more; truly recommended.

  • Gulen


    I just took a beginner photography class with Polina. It was my first experience with a DSLR camera, I was afraid even to try taking photos with it. After the classes, I feel more comfortable with the camera and feel like with practice, I can take good pictures one day. It is amazing how she teaches all those things in only 6 hours, leaving you feel like you can do it!

  • JuliaChan


    I needed a course to get me started on my DSLR; I had no idea how to use the Manual Mode and I was frustrated with the results of the pictures I took with the Auto Mode. This course has met my needs. I like the fact that the groups are small, we were 4 people. The numerous exercises we had helped me a lot to understand the concepts. I strongly recommend this course to all who needs a 101 course to get started with their DSLR! Thank you Polina!!

  • PatriciaMyles


    I just finished Polina’s beginner photography class and in three weeks I jumped from always using the automatic mode for travel and family pictures into a new and different world of seeing and achieving spectacular results of photos taken in the manual mode. Polina combines her teaching skills with her experience and creativity. Her enthusiasm is endless. Many doors were opened for me in those three weeks and I plan to practice what I have learned and move forward. Many thanks Polina.

  • priest


    hallo…i am very satisfied with the first day..i didn’t feel the time which means the course is serious.
    i am very happy…

  • Alana


    I took the beginner photography class with Polina and it was really fantastic. I have had my camera for two years and never really got into shooting in manual mode until now. Already after the first two hours session I felt like I could use all the buttons on my camera with ease. You really learn what you can do with your camera whether you want to take artistic photos or just be able to make the most of your family or vacation pictures. Polina is a great teacher and explains a few things at a time and then you practice that so you have time to learn and remember what she teaches you. I strongly reccomend the class.

  • I just finished the beginners’ course with Polina, and am completely invigorated and inspired by the experience. I have had my DSLR for a year; read the books and practiced what I learned. But I never felt truly comfortable with my camera until my classes with Polina. She is a wonderful and patient teacher, who is exceptionally generous with her boundless talent. I can’t wait until my first workshop!

  • Sandra C.

    I just finished Polina’s beginner course and learned so much about what I can do with my DSLR. I mostly shot on automatic before and she taught us how and when to manually adjust the shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc. I would definitely recommend this course to beginners or anyone wanting to get full use out of their camera. I can’t wait to impress everyone with my newly acquired skills.
    Thank you Polina!

  • Ryan Gale

    I just finished my first class with Polina yesterday and it was great! I feel a lot more comfortable using my DSLR now, and was taught in an interactive way, with a variety of different exercises! Cool experience working with slow shutter speeds, I would definitely recommend this beginner course for anyone who is just playing around with their camera, but wants to start shooting some nicer pictures. I look forward to taking workshops with Polina in the future!

    Ryan Gale

  • Cheryl

    I took her class and felt I had learned so much. I was a beginner photographer with no experience. Polina was a great teacher, very patient and explained everything. She didn’t mind questions and didn’t make you feel like you didn’t know what you were doing. I would recommend this class to anyone who is a beginner. I have gotten so many compliments about my photos.

  • Sabrina

    Polina has much knowledge in photography and is a wonderful person and teacher. I am a student from her beginners course and truly enjoyed the lessons she gave. Great starting point for a novice photographer!

  • Gino M

    I have recently completed my first photography course with Polina and I have to mention that the amount of information, techniques and practical experience that I learned from it was indispensable. In a short time Polina taught us how to easily maneuver through the camera settings especially in the manual mode. The low student teacher ratio really goes a long way when it comes to teaching practical and hands on photography. Polina has a passion for photography and really shows in her teaching techniques. I would recommend these classes to anyone that wants to familiarize themselves with their camera and learn great photography techniques in a very short time.

  • Sia Kahkeshan

    I enjoyed taking the DSLR course with Polina and learned many tricks and how-to-do’s that one doesn’t usually get from written materials. It was an excellent opportunity to learn directly from a pro in a class of tw0! Polina’s attention to details and her patience in explaining the points made the learnining much faster and more pleasant. I’ll definetly be taking more workshops with her in the futur. Many thanks, Polina.

  • Marlene

    Wedding photography workshop. October 15th, 2011.
    This photo workshop was amazing. Polina’s guidance and expertise gave us the tools to create some beautiful photos of our own. Many thanks to our lovely bride and handsome groom for putting up with us and the bad weather. She had chosen many different types of locations and settings so we could experience the different types of lighting and challenging us to play with our camera settings. Thanks Polina!

  • SaverioMJr.

    Studying photography under Polina was a great experience that I highly recommend. The learning was done in small groups which are of preference, for me, because of the individualized attention that is given. Polina created a non-stress environment which made it easy to be open and grasp certain concepts. I am impressed with the amount learned in those sessions, a good balance of practice and theory, and to finally be able to take advantage of the features of my DSLR is a total win.

  • Eugen

    Very professional, organized and dense seminar with a lot of useful information for anyone who wants to learn or to improve their photographic skills. Thank you Polina!

  • Marianne

    I took a beginner photography class with Polina and I really enjoyed my experience. I got a lot of individualized attention. She is very generous with her time and her feedback, even after the classes are over. I can now shoot in manual mode without a problem, and she also gave me a lot of handy tips on how to shoot better everyday photos (like at parties), what equipment to buy to achieve the photos I want, and I got some inspiration for learning how to compose better photos. I learned so much, and I highly recommend her classes.

  • Melissa R

    I have taken several private courses with Polina in the past year. In the beginning I was taking photographs with a regular digital camera, and now thanks to Polina, I am capable of shooting with a professional camera and adjusting the manual functions. She is passionate about her work, and very patient with her students. Her lessons are very informative and active. She has taught me much in a short period of time, and I hope to continue working with her to improve still my skills. I highly recommend her courses to those who are interested in photography.

  • Chyngyz

    I just started with Polina and still have some courses with her, so far I am very pleased the way she teaches , it is really interesting and easy to understand her. As I am just a beginner I would definitely recommend her to another beginners and I am pretty sure you will be satisfied with her method and knowledge.

  • Mirella

    Have taken private and semi-private classes on photography and watercolour painting in Fall 2011, her classes are really informative and useful. They combine a perfect balance between theory and practice. Her photography classes allow for hands-on practice and experience with shooting in a studio, and she gives really good advice on what cameras to buy, what lens are good quality, and introduces the theory in an easy-to-grasp, concise way. The advantage of taking her classes as opposed to classes offered at Dawson College is that you get a personalized training. You also get the chance to work at your own pace, ask all the questions you want and get immediate, honest, and expert feedback about your work and progress. Great if you would like to begin or improve an art portfolio. She is also really patient with teaching the basic to beginners.

  • Natalia

    I was a real beginner now i shot mostly in manual. It was very interesting to learn basic rules which you can play with and get awesomes results. What I liked the most was the feedback about your homework at the beginning of the class.

  • I have taken several classes with Polina and I was very impressed on her patience and hands-on methods which she applies to her teaching. Its a perfect blend of theoretical and practical teaching which I believe gave me the extra confidence to be more fearless when shooting new subjects.
    Whether its going over the basics of portrait lighting, camera settings or learning how to compose and using creativity with your photos, Polina does a great job in covering these topics. I look forward to taking more classes and photo shoots organized by Polina.
    I would definitely recommend Polina’s classes to any beginner to serious amateur.

    John C.

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