Air workshop

Magic photography workshop in a park.

Autumn feeling is in the air and we are going to play with it. We will bring a vintage armchair and a mirror in an old frame and our beautiful model is going to pose in semi-transparent dresses and  Kashmir shawls. We are going to use a heavy smoke to make us feel we are in the magic forest and probably backlight set up with studio strobes. 

  • this is a great chance to extend your portfolio with some unforgettable images
  • 2 hours of shooting 
  • the basics of working with the model
  • lighting and composition
  • creating pictorial
  • you will receive hints and tips to help develop your personal style and build your confidence.

Our model Anastasia


No restrictions. Any level is OK for these workshops. 

Schedule and Booking

Price: $90

Saturday, October 6, 3pm – 5pm, 6 spots 


This is an outside workshop. We will confirm the location soon.
In case of bad weather, we will have to cancel the whole event with full refund.

Inspiration Gallery

  • Posted by Polina Fedorova
  • On October 1, 2018