Avatar with Camera

What do you see most often on men’s avatars? A car? A motorcycle? A clever book? A pretty girl?

No! Most often you will see a man with his camera.

Girls also do this. But 10 times less. Girls usually have such photos with a mirror. The camera is more like a tool, accidentally caught in the frame. The girl inflates lips and closes a wrong eye. You can see the interior details in the background.
Men, on the contrary, have their cameras in hand, on the shoulder, under the arm, on a tripod, with two cameras, even in embrace.
Their are looking thoughtfully(or intensely) at the camera, past the camera, in your eyes.

In the desert, on the ice, in the snow, on a rock, on top of the car, in the water, on a cliff, on the plane, on the plane (not kidding), with icicles on his beard, with a monkey on his shoulder, there is no limit for their imagination.

And one more thing: a real man has a long telephoto lens.
Well, yeah!

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  • Posted by Polina Fedorova
  • On March 16, 2015