Fashion Nude Photography Workshop

Working High Fashion Nude with Masters

Come perfect your skills with


For intermediate and advanced photographers


Saturday, June 4th, 2016


DSLR camera. prime lens would be better
Studio: natural light
Style: we are going to work fashion nude

What you can expect from this workshop:

  • We will reveal the creation process of how to build up a series of strong photos where the model pose, the composition and the light are mastered
  • During the photo selection and editing, photographers will perfect their understanding of how to build up high quality fashion nude photos of magazine quality
  • You will refine your skills to direct the model and work with her
  • You will be given many tips and we will answer any questions related to our subjects of the day
  • Each participant will leave with a series of 5 photos ready for their portfolio

This workshop is about the photographer and the model.
Polina is a renown fashion photographer and artistic director from Russia.
Mariette is an artist of the body, 10 years model experienced and using photography to explore the process of posing.

This is a master class event held by Polina and Mariette, the photographer and the model in true collaboration: this workshop is going to be a unique experiment where the photos taken will be simultaneously projected on big screens on each side of the model so that the model will see at the same time what the photographer sees in his camera. This process will allow us to reveal the process of “working the photo” when both the photographer and the model are collaborating to build up an image, discussing the light, the pose, etc. Polina, by her skills of direction, and Mariette, by here knowledge of posing, will teach the photographers all the tips you need to know to get the best results for their photos.


11am – 5pm

Part 1

Price: $35
The first part of the workshop will be a master class where Polina and Mariette will reveal and show on the spot their best image making tips (1h)

— Mariette will start and explain from the model point of view, how the pose is worked. She will use her self-portrait photos to reveal her process in working the pose, meaning the combination of emotion, movement and body expression
— Then Polina will explain what it is a fashion photo session from a photo editor perspective and will show the way to communicate with the model, how to pose and how to get the best from the set in terms of composition, lightening and future lay out.
break-getting ready 40 min
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Part 2

Price: $140
The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to practice (2h00)
—Each of participates will work individually with the model and direct her a total of 20 min divided along the session, others will be able to shoot “over the shoulder”.
—We will work full figure, 2/3rds and close up, etc.
—We will have 2 different set ups (1 each hour)
break-getting ready 40 min
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Part 3

Price: $35
The third part of the workshop will be dedicated to choice and editing (1h30)
Each participant will bring a laptop and a card reader.
After the shoot, we will download the photos to the computer and do a pre-selection of 10 images
Polina will guide on a final 5 images selection and show some editing technics on her laptop.
Finally, you have 5 retouched images ready to your portfolio
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642 Rue De Courcelle #411
Montreal, Quebec, H4C 3C5

-The door : dial 0411
-4th floor. Take the elevator just on the right
-Walk down a long corridor, take right, take another right (making an U-turn)
-Studio 411

Small tips to the model are not mandatory, but welcome.


Places are limited. Online registration is mandatory:

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