Photography workshop “Studio Lighting”

Learn studio lighting: basic set-ups and configurations, equipment and techniques.

For Those Who

  • want to know how to use SpeedLight
  • want to buy in studio light and making a choice
  • want to learn studio set-ups with studio lighting

Photo Copyright (c) Sasha Onyshenko.

Your Instructor for Studio Lighting

This time we invited an expert in the field: Sasha Onyshenko, portrait photographer. Photographer of Grand Balet de Montreal.

Part I. Theory. 1.5h

  • general overview of Speedlights, Moonlights, Power Packs
  • Manual Mode vs TTL
  • exposure and how to control it
  • types of lighting
  • regular flash vs studio lighting
  • synchronization
  • why you need a generator
  • overview of market and manufactures
  • hints and tips for those considering buying equipment

Part II. Demo Shoot With a Model. 1.5h.

  • We will perform a demo shoot with a camera, connected to a monitor
  • 3 lighting setups
  • Finding exposure with light meter and with out
  • Controlling Flash Power
  • Controlling quality of light
  • Multiple light sources and ratios
  • Mixing Natural light with Strobes


May 7, 10:00-13:30




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4035, St Ambroise, studio 215, Montreal


This is a workshop-lecture. No requirements.
You can bring your camera, although only the instructor will be shooting due to time.

If you have questions you want to ask, please email them in advance to [email protected]

  • Posted by Polina Fedorova
  • On April 3, 2017