Montreal Camera Club – Guest Speaker – Polina Fedorova

“Photography that Speaks”

(Monday, January 23, 2017)

​Is there any member of a photo club who doesn’t want to take great pictures?

In this presentation, I’m going to show you how to reach that goal, based on an approach developed from my training, my photo work and my observations as a professional photographer.

To make a single powerful picture — one that tells a story, or has a message — you start by creating a pictorial story or photo essay. For the first attempt, you may need ten images, the next five, then three, and the last attempt — just one! This holds true for different types of photography, for example: nature, people, fashion, wedding or photojournalism.

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Flour Workshop

Flour Dance Photography Workshop in Montreal

You will be capturing movement and facial expressions at high speed. There is a wonderful unpredictable quality of white unbleached flour; when frozen in mid air, it extends many movements and creates visually arresting images when properly executed.

Our goal is to create “movement” images for your portfolio. This will require a collaboration work with the model. I have found that my best shots come from a collaborative work environment that assumes my subjects are fully involved in the creative process.

Photos copyright Derrick Senior

  • The model will be wearing haute couture fashion.
  • The model will be dancing and jumping with the flour in front of the black background
  • You will be taken through various lighting setups, easy set builds, posing advice and compositions
  • We will be shooting with natural light close to a big window, prime fast lens would be ideal.
  • You will get 6- 10 different images for your portfolio
  • You keep all the copyrights and you can add your pictures to your portfolio
  • You will be guided every step of the way by a professional photographer


Sunday, February 12, 2017


4035 St-Ambroise, #215, Montreal

Our Model:

For this session we will work with the unique body language of our new model, the beautiful Yulia.


To avoid overcrowding, we have scheduled only two session.
Each session is 2 hours.
Maximum 6 students per session.
Places are limited. Online registration is mandatory.
Please, check the location. This workshop is NOT at our school location.

11:00 – 13:00  
14:00 – 16:00  

Price is $120/person
Book Now
Small tips to the model are not mandatory, but welcome.


DSLR camera.
Prime lens(50mm or 35mm) would be great. If you don’t have one, you can always rent at on rue Notre Dame or at Loiseau.

Our workshops

Our previous photography workshops
This is a short video from out last boudoir photography workshop:

Boudoir Workshop. Cotton Candy. Pin up girl.

In this photography workshop we had an excellent model, beautiful setup.
Thank you everybody!

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Judging in Montreal Camera Club

I am proud to share with you that Montreal Camera Club invited me to be a judge at Pictoria 4 Competition.

For me it was a great privilege and responsibility.
I was surprised by the variety of themes and subjects.
It was interesting to formulate and to reason my judgments. It was a challenging and at the same time an exiting experience.

I was very glad when some people told me that my comments helped them to look at the pictures from another perspective.

Thank you, Montreal Camera Club!

Hope to meet with you guys again soon!

Boudoir Photography workshop

Some photos and video from our first boudoir photography workshop in a new studio.

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Flying Houses

I don’t like when a photographer is overusing photoshop.
But in this case everything is beautiful.
Photograph Laurent Chehere

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Immortal Regiment

Best pictures Associated Press 2014.
Residents of St. Petersburg, Russia during “Immortal regiment” pass through the city with portraits of relatives who fought and died in the Great Patriotic War. May 9, St.Petersburg.

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Ray Of Light

Model and a ray of light…

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Sometimes you work hard before the shooting. Casting the models, looking for the location, inventing the dress…

But a sunset will do everything for you.

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Penguin Bloom

Penguin Bloom was rescued and raised in Australia. She is free to fly, but loves the home.

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Avatar with Camera

What do you see most often on men’s avatars? A car? A motorcycle? A clever book? A pretty girl?

No! Most often you will see a man with his camera.

Girls also do this. But 10 times less. Girls usually have such photos with a mirror. The camera is more like a tool, accidentally caught in the frame. The girl inflates lips and closes a wrong eye. You can see the interior details in the background.
Men, on the contrary, have their cameras in hand, on the shoulder, under the arm, on a tripod, with two cameras, even in embrace.
Their are looking thoughtfully(or intensely) at the camera, past the camera, in your eyes.

In the desert, on the ice, in the snow, on a rock, on top of the car, in the water, on a cliff, on the plane, on the plane (not kidding), with icicles on his beard, with a monkey on his shoulder, there is no limit for their imagination.

And one more thing: a real man has a long telephoto lens.
Well, yeah!

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Frozen lakes…

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Is my friend Samir reincarnation of Vincent van Gogh?

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Photography workshop “Composition and Lighting”


We recently purchased a photo on acrylic and were blown away at the results. We never really heard much about printing on acrylic but the end result is more sophisticated then printing on canvas. Being a photography school we always like to be up to date with modern printing options and jumped at the chance to do a product review on Big Acrylic

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Surrogacy in Canada

If your are a Canadian, but your child was born in India by a surrogate mother using sperm and egg from anonymous donors, is your child is a Canadian?

According to the law, NO! The child must be genetically related to at least one parent to be considered Canadian.

Two cases in British Columbia are challenging this law now in court.

Surrogacy is very emotional topic. This is the land where our moral is not adequate any more.

In 2012 I spent 3 weeks in surrogate clinic in India.
Here is my story with portraits and interviews with Indian’s surrogate mothers:
“The hidden face of surrogacy”

Rihana is a second time surrogate mother. First time she gave birth to twins whose parents were from Calcutta. She breast-fed them for about a week in the presence of the parents. She is still in touch with them and sometimes when they call she can hear children's voices in the background. Rihana is able to see their photos at Doctor Patel's office and imagines they might come to visit her someday. With the money earned she bought a house for her family. Rihana has two children: girl is 16 and boy is 17. They know what she is doing but are not allowed to visit her at the clinic. Her family is Muslim. Rihana is now one month pregnant and the parents, as far as she knows, are from London. This time she is earning for her daughter's marriage and her son's education. It was her neighbor who had told her about surrogacy, and it didn't take Rihana long to make up her mind.

Watch the watchers

It’s always worth to step aside and shoot the people themselves, rather than the subject where everybody is pointing their cameras.
The first image was taken at 5AM on the top of volcano in Maui, Hawaii. The tourists are busy shooting the sunrise after a sleepless night.

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The most expensive photo

I have no idea why somebody paid $4.3 million for this photo.
The Daily Telegraph described it as a “vibrant, beautiful and memorable – I should say unforgettable…”
I agree, this sell is unforgettable…

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What is Beauty?

We often think about beauty as something universal.
But, in many cases, it’s not true.
If beauty is not constant and objective, can we create a new beauty?

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Francesco Giusti

Francesco Giusti – an independent documentary photographer from Italy. Prize winner of World Press Photo 2010 (second place in the category Arts and Entertainment Stories), winner of the Viewbook PhotoStory 2009 (first place in the category of Documentary), winner of Canon Young Photoghraphers Award in 2002 for best photo project, a finalist Leica Oskar Barnack Award in 1999.

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Love and War

Simoneau Guillaume originally from Canada, living in Montreal. He studied art and applied science.
“Love and War” – the story of a woman’s quest for love. The character is a young US Army sergeant Caroline Kennesaw. Simon photographed the young soldier for nine years, including her service in Iraq. This photo story is the winner of Canadian Portfolio Review CONTACT and has been featured in several international exhibitions and photo events.

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Art vs Money

You all must have seen at least one work of photographer Stéphane Coutelle.
Take a look at this link
Ads of shampoos and creams. Boring, ideally retouched faces.

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The oldest photo on Earth

The first photograph

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Фототур по Киргизии. Август 2014.

Петербург – Киргизия – Петербург, 2014.

На автомобиле из Петербурга в горы Киргизии и обратно. Август 2014.
Автомобиль – Toyota Landcruiser 80, 1995г, дизель, автомат.


Весь машрут:
Петербург – Тихвин – Вологда – Пермь – Екатеринбург – Курган – Астана – Балхаш – Бишкек – Сон Куль – Нарын – Перевал Тосор – Тосорчик – Иссык Куль – Бишкек – Тараз – Байконур – Актобе – Самара – Рязань – Тверь – Петербург.

Цель – горные перевалы и озера южнее Иссык Куля. Перевал Тосор. Источники Джилу-су.

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